I'll start with my configuration:

i7 4770 3.40GHz
8 gb ram 2133 Mhz ( xmp profile )
gtx 960

Game with 1024x768 resolution

texture : low
word model : medium
Shadow: HIGH

Every game whether it's 8 by 10 or 16 my fps continuously drop 139 / 100 / 110 etc.
 I formatted the pc with windows 10, my processes with warrock active are 55. 
I optimized the nvidea panel, I set warrock as high priority. 
I see people with cpu type xeon lower than mine do 139 fps stable. 
Is there a way to fix this situation?


  • In the bios I have eist active and c state active I don't know if maybe it has something to do with it

  • You already done everything, there isnt much else you can do. Set your System to HighPerformance in the Energy / PowerSupply Management & thats about it. If you would have a "K" Processor i would tell you to overclock your CPU to like 4.3-4,5 Ghz but since its a non-K model you cant.

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    I have some updates on that. 
    I borrowed an i7 4790k 4.40 Ghz from my cousin. 
    I tried warrock but in rooms with 16 players the fps are more stable but they continue to go up and down 110 / 139. 
    In rooms with 8 or 10 the situation is more stable but there is always a small change.
    A friend plays warrock with a 4.00 Ghz base clock cpu gpu 1050 ti and 8 gb ram and has no fps jumps.
    I would like to ask for warrock is it important to have installed the latest visual c++ and netframework updates?

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    1.Remove antivirus and disable Windows Defender.

    2. You need more ram,12gb or more.

    3.If you have Winrar archiver, delete it. This shit runs warrock on the same core with other programs.

    i5-3570+gtx1050 70-139fps with streaming

  • Thanks for the reply. But why should I have 12 GB or more of RAM if Warrock uses 1.5?

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    When you install more ram you will see the use of ram increase. 16GB is ideal

  • Windows and Warrock use 9GB in the lobby, and even more when the game is running.

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    ive 32GB Ram & WarRock doesnt use more than 2GB Ram, no matter what i am doing. As you can see. 1,8GB while playing.

    I dont get how someone can have 9GB ram usage in idle / lobby except when the system is fludded with bullshit xd

  • Yes, in fact I also use the same RAM. Can I ask you how many fps you get in CQC in 16" rooms? I see that you have a base core similar to mine 4.40Ghz.

  • my FPS fluctuates between 80 - 139FPS (mostly 110 - 139) in 32Players BG Matches. I dont play CQC so i dont know.

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    There are 92 processes running in Windows 10))

    You disabled all processes)). An ordinary user does not disable or cut anything from Windows.

    You can also run the game in a Windows LITE)).

    Bullshit in your computer, a fucking hacker.

  • I have 55 processes with warrock open but I continue to have fps changes even in rooms of 8.
     My system was formatted 1 week ago and there is nothing installed. I still do not understand.

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    Since you got Hardware as old as mine: Go Install Win7. You will most likely get 139 FPS constantly with win7. I know many WR players with a partition for a secondary OS (win10 + win7) for stable FPS in WR.

  • disabled? No. I just debloated my Win10. Somth everyone should do.

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    There is definitely drop with Win 10 from Win 7. Most maps in BG with 32player rooms nearly full my fps drops to 37-42 when moving and it feels like diashow. Graphic settings can be low/med/high it doesn´t matter. Currently they are optimized the way you have them.

    i5-4670k OCd to 4,2ghz only as i have mini-itx htpc build and the cooler is low profile model

    8gb ram XMP profile

    GTX 1060 3gb

    WR high priority, bloat removed and some gaming optimization programs which frees ram etc, Win 10 gaming settings via registry tweaks tried all of them from youtube, antivirus disabled, power setting created which maxes cpu clock etc. I have tried everything. It`s very hard to play when the fps drops so much. Then you have no ping laggers coming through walls suddenly etc. Clearly DE isn´t going to do anything for old dieing game. Papaya`s WR deal ends 2025 (?) and it`s very likely the end of Warrock then as the game is dead already. Seriously i haven´t put a dime into this game in many years as they can´t fix the lag, bugs, over powered weapons that ruins most games. I hope people would stop spending so the company would need to start make changes.

  • Thats actualy weird. I mean that you habe worse FPS with win7 compared to win10. Yet everything i know with win7 has mostly stable 139 FPS.

  • I will not spend a single cent until February 22, 2024.

    The publisher has been financially banned for 1 year.

    If the publisher does not learn to count and think for another year there will be sanctions.

  • No need to spend a dime as long as the publisher isn`t doing changes players are asking. The last time i bought gold prem was 1/2018. To pay for this shit that barely runs 50fps in full BG maps with decent computer... 🙄 WR is going to end in few years. I don´t see Papaya making new deal for Bug Lag Rock. Milking the last pennies for dead game.

    Haven´t seen you playing anymore. Taking break?

  • "Haven´t seen you playing anymore. Taking break?"

    Oh, i am still somewhat active. But not as much as i am used too. I enjoy playing BattleBit since its release and yeah... the more WR i play the more i hate all those kids running around with 2000 skins and every OP gun possible :/

  • I don’t even play anymore.

    WarRock is a single core game following the philosophy of early 2,000’s games that believed that processors would get faster. The idea of multiple cores didn’t really exist as a popular method then.

    basically, the game needs more from your CPU to draw more frames due to this flaw. 4.2Ghz should get you to 140 in most instances, but getting closer to 5Ghz will work better.

    To answer unasked questions i’ve been sitting on since back when I was on “good” terms with Papaya and DE btw I’m still banned from discord lmao

    I had the privilege of speaking to DE devs a few years ago coz I emailed the only email I could find.

    Can the game be redesigned to use multi-cores?

    no, the engine can’t be modified. The original team no longer works at dream execution, they use the existing engine for everything. This also means that updating the netcode is not possible, nor is adding TCP-Push protocal, nor can they switch to UDP

    Can DE remake the game in a newer engine like Phantomers version for Jindo?

    No, the engine is based on the original but it is different. If DE remade the game, it would no longer play the same. The mechanics would not feel right, and it would be an entirely different game.

    the maps in general use very minimal triangles for map design, but quite a decent amount for player models. Why?

    Maps were designed to not be demanding for systems, but characters needed animations, ragdoll physics, and a constant update networking wise.

    Anyway, if you want more frames, get more Ghz on your processor.

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