Remove sign up via papaya play.

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Why does papaya play keep allowing fake accounts access to Warrock in 2023?

The sign-up process is making this game awful now. Cannot comment on CQC but check almost every battle-group game there is a fake account created within the last week in almost each room. Plus all these other accounts were created with nothing more than the intent to cause problems. The same "long-term people" keep abusing these bots to start games, spy, and just cause community issues. Every single person who has played battle group within the last 4 weeks will have suffered at some point with a fake unresponsive account on there team.

With one vote kick a day, Personally, I am a little fed up with it. The vote kick gets abused if increased so raising this is not an option.

For the spy accounts, level limits don't work, they never have in this game. The overall player base of Warrock will just not use a level-limited room, so let's forget that option too. Warrock is not attracting new players and all these fake accounts are helping to push players away.

Behind a lot of these fake accounts will be long-term players, people who should be more than experienced by now, and not require any type of assistance from other players, the game, or fake accounts. These fake accounts are being recycled on a daily basis and do nothing but bring negativity towards Warrock.

Remove sign-up from the main website.

Papaya Play needs to end hosting this game by offering a free download/account. You are allowing Warrock to be trashed. Within 60s I can create a new account and be in the game. This problem never ends and no one respects their accounts due to how easy they are to obtain. This game has a core player base so why not look after them?

Make Steam the only option for obtaining an account/download. Then require only verified 12-month or older accounts with no vac bans the option to install the game / create an account in the future. Everyone has a Steam account in 2023 so no excuse there. Plus no current player would be required to do anything. It only affects new accounts. You need to end hosting this game.

The bot problem will be solved with a little time as these fake accounts get removed and cannot be replaced as getting a verified 12+ no van banned steam account is not going to be easy. Players can keep remaking fake accounts freely via Papaya Play.

Any players banned in the future by Papyay, eac would then need to access the game via Steam.

Then it's linked, eac, steam, and account id

This is not 100%, but it limits a lot more people than open to everyone!

Or open 2nd server and allow real verified access. Facebook is easy to connect with and has its security tight enough that fake accounts won't be a problem. Everyone gets one chance then.

Shut the doors. Keep them out for good.


  • I'm not looking to block new players from joining. Nor Papaya to drop this game. But a free sign-up is dumb in 2023 this game has a very small player base and quite a few people are causing this game many problems, due simply to how easy accounts are to obtain. Turn it off and direct all new players to Steam.

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    I made the above without a clue just hours later Warrock would see a new anti-cheat enter.

    So Long Eac, You never caught me. Thanks for all the verified bans.

    All the hard work done by EAC over the past 7 years for what? the same people to still be around this game causing problems?

    leaving the door open for cheats of all types to easily return for another round. As many times as they wish. What is the point of an anti-cheat in the game when papaya play doesn't put steps in place to make accounts harder to obtain?

    Why is steam not being used?

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    Still bothers me today.

    7 years ago, Nothing has been done to address the fake account problem Warrock suffers from. Each time I log into Warrock to find the same people abusing fake accounts.

    Why is it still going on every single game? (in Bg)

    Why is Steam now not being used? This simple switch with a 12-month-old, no-vac ban restriction would almost halt the bot issue.

    Why are verified emails not required, could at least shut off the 10-minute fake emails from sign-up.

    The team never replies to real questions that affect this game. Just sit back and allow the problem to continue.

    How are we meant to mentor new players? when the game allows long-term accounts to create fake accounts to abuse each room they enter and with so few rooms they now affect almost every game.

    Hey, what's on sale this month? The team will answer this.

    Beta then 2007-2023

  • Correct plenty of clowns exploiting fake accounts. Its time it stopped.

    Thanks for your input.

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    True plenty of clowns camping in corners not moving and complaining non stop. Its time to press W.

    Thanks for your Input.

  • I feel this guy has nothing constructive to say on the OP and has once again come to troll another important topic as it would effect him and his friends if players where verified for an account before being allowed access.

    Lets stay on topic

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    Oh, but you changed the topic & talked about me. Yet all i did was to express my opinion via a picture.

  • Look at all these pointless screens you collect... Shame you do not have any of you lined up ready to start a game.

    You have avoided starting a game against me for how long now?

  • I said there are plenty of clowns exploiting these fake accounts, you just happen to be one of them.

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