Harrassment and Mobbing

For a long time UWO has been a game of tolerance and joy for the most of us.

Yes there has been issues once in a while, but nothing to destroy the fun in game.

Now the fun in game has been deeply disturbed by some power players who turn the game into hatespeech, cyberstalking and harrassment turned against some smaller players.

Small players we need to keep the game going on and attractive.

WE all face harrassment and cybercrime in REALITY! We dont NEED such INDIVIDUALS on UWO

There are enough psychopaths / sociopaths in real life trying to rule our world.

TOS clearly says ..what is crime in real, is forbidden for game aswell.

Freedom of Speech cannot be claimed for harrassment, threatening, insult, mobbing …

Money, power and rank in game gets misunderstood …

Those powerplayers are JUST PIXALS ON YOUR SCREEN ..

THEY are NOT REAL! They are vanishing points of a volatile memory

Your character on UWO is NOT real, it will not apply any archievements to real life.

Those players believe they are important, rich ..whatever.. but they are totally unimportant ...

Those players are just PIXEL Kings with a drunk and bad behavior.

Stand UP against harrassment and mobbing!

Don’t allow hatespeech, insults on UWO

NO insults, hatespeech, harrasment and mobbing on WorldChat

Time to stand up against such behavior!

And realize ..the game is business.. work for some people ... if harrassment, mobbing gives the game a bad reputation .. it will be those players who ruin it .. to be kicked


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