Suggestions *new*

Hey! I know you have a lot of work and are very busy, but i want to share those suggestions to you because some players liked it in #suggestion on discord. Those are ideas how the game could get better for all players. - A Shop for Merit points with items like upps and different formulas

- Different ork drops also with upps or pet fossil, marble of scroll - Reworked mardook rewards like: Upps, pet fossil, gods treasure, skin formula...

- You already have dungeons to farm in, you could make a quest for collecting Ancient Symbol, with 20 of them you get: 2, Tincture,5x formula,5x seredenty potion

- Make a chest from shining blue/green/herbs, maybe 20 each with following rewards: gemstone, every upp, different formulas. If you like any of those ideas, pls let me know i can send you a screenshot of everything i mean so you can imagine those things better!


- Add cooldown to invisible potion - Rework mentor rewards with useful items - Make Coin of Endendros droppable from all mobs or mobs from a specific area with a low percentage.

- Last but not least you can add a new crystal. From a server i know, it was called Moon Crystal, you could get them from mardooks essence. You can play like normal crystal, on first floor maybe 2x5x5x upps, becoming more every floor. on 4. floor you could add Higher tincture, on 5. some perma mount.

- Make Cash items tradeable for the economy and free2play players. - Add items Like book of inspiration, letter for refining and quest 1.5 to your cash shop.

I hope you read my suggestion and they will help you bring more players to the server. If you have any questions or need screenshots feel free to contact me for more information. Greetings Streety

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