(Notice) The Rock-Paper Scissors Game(Crystal Game)

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The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game is a reward-winning mini game in 4Story. The official title of this mini-game that you will see in this game is Crystal Game and there are 3 levels: Low, Medium and High. For each of these levels, you will need Low Level Crystal, Medium Level Crystal and High Level Crystal to participate in the game. The required crystals can be acquired in two separate ways:

Purchasing from Crystal Seller: there will be Crystal Seller: Mr. Squirrel waiting for you nearby the machines for your purchase.

1 Luna for Low Level Crystal
10 Luna for Medium Level Crystal
50 Luna for High Level Crystal

Picking up dropped crystals in fields and dungeons.

Monsters of level 1 up to 10 drop Low Level Crystal
Monsters of level 11 up to 20 drop Medium Level Crystal
Monsters of level 31 up to 90 drop High Level Crystal

The rule is very simple - you challenge the Crystal Game Machine on rock-paper-scissors and win rewards upon your victory. The locations for the Crystal Game Machines are listed below for each kingdoms:

DeFugel: Magnaksia Military District in Kether

Craxion: Headquarter of Blo Brunak in Malkuth

Broa: Valley of Bicera Entrance in Thebekut

Please keep in mind that you can only continue up to 15 consecutive wins in total - the rewards for each levels(Low to High) are as listed below:


  • Wow! Thanks for the guide mate. This is awesome.😊

  • In layman's term, Rock Paper Scissors is a game played by two persons using their hands only. But, due to advanced technology, people now are being creative and tends to develop games digitally. Thumbs up, hope this game is not difficult to play!

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