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I've made a similar topic on the forums of previous publishers, raising my concerns about the future of Warrock. It's a unique game, but has been losing popularity over the years. I strongly believe graphics are not a reason for this. Counterstrike has worse graphics compared to Warrock, but yet had over 24 million active players last year. (Source: Statista) The reason i'm addressing this at first, is many people blame it on the graphics being outdated. Games are getting more beautiful by the year, and Warrock hasn't changed alot since it's release. However, same goes for Counterstrike. This means there is hope, but there must be an investment to make.

In one of the previous publisher's engineers team, there was this person who also tried to do his best for Warrock. I forgot his name unfortunately, but he actively communicated with the players on the forum about improvements that were needed for a better game, and made a list. With this list he travelled to South-Korea to pay a visit at the Dream Execution office, the game's developer. He kept the players posted about his journey, but sadly there wasn't alot of action from the developer's team. It is understandable that, as a game developer, you kind of get layed back after 15 years and lose some of the amibition you had when the game was being created. To my opinion, they should sell it to a fresh team of developers who are willing to blow some new life in to it.

What do you think about the future of Warrock? What improvements are to be made to return the amount of daily players the game once had? To my opinion, they should return the simplicity of the item shop and inventory. It used to be clear. Now for example the croisshairs took me a while to figure out. I remember as a new player looking in the item shop and seeing the M60 with a level 16 requirement. That was my first goal: reach level 16 and buy the M60 and own everyone in the game! It took quite a while too to reach that level! Let me know what you think, what can we do to make Warrock popular again? 🤠

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  • It doesn't make sense.

  • I think we have a problem with keeping new players. 1. Toxicity of the community 2. The skill gap is huge 3. They think everyone is hacking. I think we should address the toxicity problem.

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    The graphics were not a problem at all bug single-core & overclock.

    I have been playing the game since 2008. The game died in 2011, when GamersFirst could not handle hackers (all types of hacks including power-levelling), and lag. Then an extreme bug happened on clan wars, and the clan wars feature was disabled for like a half year.

    Overclock is still a thing, because the game is running on single-core. If DreamExecution changes the whole structure of the game, then the game can be popular again. Besides that, lagging was a thing back in the years. You don't get too much lag in these days, because there are barely 100 players in the game. You can only see 3 pages on the room list, but there were more than 110 pages when WarRock was a thing.

    The developer company is the problem. If you Google and find the games that DreamExecution developed, most of them are still online, but there are no users. They do not improve their games. Almost all games are still running on single-core.

  • Proto, are you new to WarRock? This has always been the case... It's not the problem. not even close.

    Graphics are not the problem.

    It's the lagg. And the huge exp bonusses. There is no real struggle in lvling up, and level has no meaning anymore. Nobody respect's a high lvl player anymore.

    We used to have pages of servers.. and not all completely full but still playable for each country. It's just a lack of investment from the publisher. And in Papaya's case scamming also plays a huge part.

  • I think is just a matter of publicity, we just need more.

  • Graphic is not problem , minecraft has worst graphic ever still playing a milion players,cs etc.. If this game dies i would be depresed a lot becouse i play this from my 12 years old , my childhood was with friends in this game , so many memories,emotions, i feel very sad about future of warrock , you can see all players what left is pro players no new players...we need make something what will bring new players and get back memories..

  • this game is dead from 2011 old hakers friends with admins playng full of hacks warrock

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