Get Rid of Multiboxing/Bar players from having their Alt on at the same time.

This has been a peeve of mine ever since I got back into playing the game. Seeing players running around with their alt characters, using them to store things when their inventory is inconviently full or needing to have some skill that they don't have on their main. It's down right cheating and blantant abuse of the games play. Oh your inventory is full? Manage it like the rest of us. Don't have a skill? Go get it your self? Play the game normally like the rest of us did back in the day: If you needed to switch to a character then do so. If it's an inconvenience for you then too bad.


  • Yeah , i have to agree with you . btw i wrote a post few weeks ago about a lot o alts running around , how the players manage to abuse the game and make nanban with many alts and break game internal market lol . hope papaya look for this issue soon then i can came home one more time cuz i love this game .

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