Scurvy Trader's UWO Log .. Continued

June 21, Day 982

I finished the SW competition with around 135 raised wrecks.  I gained around 4k unlock skill points as a Salvager.


I switch to cannoneer and finish one more Black Sea Battle report. Not sure what is different this time, but I only got 62k xp. I still need around 120k xp to make level 90 maritime.


I then change to Naturalist and work on the Boston Thesis for this job.  there are lots of other things going on such as Epic Sea Feud etc and Cultural Investment event.  I am not that interested in either.


Lastly I have not reported on this item, but there are now Ship Decors. This is ship decorations that you can put on 5 different locations on your ship. They make your ship look nice, but take up an inventory slot and do not give your ship any increased function.



  • June 28, Day 989

    So there has been a lot of commotion on the merchant chat recently. There was an cultural investment event quest which you could take from in Sagres.  I did not think much of it at the time. The prizes were ok, but I did not participate. The biggest result of the event is that if you were a top investor, that you could gain access to some recipe. It turns out that one of the recipes was for Large Storm Sails. These are highly sough after sails for Ship building as they have a 3-5 wave resistance in addition to the 15-25 Horizontal Sail improvement.  These sails used to be cash items and were very highly in demand. (im guessing +300M each)... after the investment event, they are everywhere and selling for around 70M in Seville. The players who obtained the recipe were cranking them out in the 100's. The only saving grace is that they are not stackable so you can only make as many as you can sell.  I would think it would not be unreasonable just to create toons just to store these items.  I purchased 10 and received 5 from another company mate.


    I worked on several Boston College thesis including Hunters, Swordfighter, Policical merchant 1, 2, 

  • With the new forums, I cannot tell what day my last post was, so I will have to try and keep better track and try and keep up my 1/week post.

    July 5, Day 996

    I keep working on Boston College thesis, I do Astronomer 1 and 2, Artist and Sword Master thesis. For the Swordmaster, I choose to do 60 wins in the Rome Colosseum.

    I gear up with my highest defense equipment and go at it.  I find there is no relation between the difficulty in Stars and the actual actions required by the mission assigned by Wallenstien?

    ie.  There should be a mission that rates each action in difficulty and increases stars based on the level required.  Ie. Win in 2 minutes might be +2 stars, win in 1 minute +5 stars. Win in under 30 seconds 8 stars.  Change weapons 1 star, Don't change weapons 0 stars. Use a weapon tech 3 times 1 star, use a weapon tech 5 times 2 stars, use a weapon tech 10 times +5 stars etc..   As far as I can tell, there is no link. I make about 18,000 roman coins completing that job thesis.


    I only have Marine Boston thesis left to complete as well as a few jobs that I have not tried for yet.  I am not sure what to do about the Marine thesis as I have to sink ships using mines or rams and I do not have mine laying skill.


    I complete 2 more Battle reports in the Black Sea and make level 90 Maritime.


    I am at a loss now but turn my focus on mostly the R17/15 "Academy" quests that can only be done in job with the Boston Job skill active.



  • July 12, 2020 Day 1003


    Not a whole lot going on. There is a GM auction for some pretty nice ships. The GM randomly picks one of the top 50 bids and the winner gets the ship for his bid. I think bid #50 is around 5B. The ships listed are all top cash ships including Superior High Clipper, Superior Long Schooner, 3 Refitted Maltese Galleys, Pirate Nippon-Mae, Superior Dragon Ship and Modified Gran Fluyt. Since I only have 4.8B total on all my toons, I think i will have to make my next ship. (the ones that require level 90 to sail).


    I switch to Astronomer and work on discoveries.  I complete both Boston Job thesis for Astronomer. Once I get the first one done, I start working on the Academy R17 aston /R15 recognition quests.


    I look over my Boston Job theses and start working on the ones that I have missed out. I complete Shipright, Swordmaster, Artist Growth, both Folklorist thesis, both Political Merchant thesis and Great Adventurer's Growth.


    I pass 3000 discoveries.

  • July 18, 2020 Day 1009

    Completed more Boston and Oxford theses.  I have 87 Boston and 76 Oxford skills to choose from now. As far as Boston goes, I will to work to get some of the rare jobs left.  Not all jobs have thesis. For Oxford, I still have a few theses to work. The recent one that was giving me great pain was the Marine Corp Job thesis. I had to sink 240 ships by ram or mines.  I picked up the mine laying skill specifically for this. 


    Switched to work on some Archeology and unlock.

  • July 26, 2020, Day 1017

    Worked on more job Thesis before the update. I have completed and now have 85 Oxford skills available and 87 Boston College skills available. So if I am in a particular job, I can sometimes have 4+ skills active to boost that job. I turned on Field Studies 1,2 and Fisher's Skills 1 and 2 on while I fish. I was able to catch 1100 Salmon in 45 minutes outside of Bergen. This helps these skills active when catching Picarucu in the Amazon.  

    Similarly when I do land battles I can have a total of 6 skills active. Attack/Defence 1,2 and Attack1,2, from Oxford and Either Swordmaster, Swordfighter, or Guerilla 1&2 active. 


    After the update on Wednesday there is now another 100% skill boost on from the Lost Memories Ch3, final celebration.


    I decide to work on several skills, currently: Trap R14, Management R12, Navigation R12, Accounts R8 and Merchandise Knowledge. All of these skills (except Accounts) are preferred skills for the Steam Engineer.  I plan to do trips to EA to do land battles for MK and Trap skills, right outside of the dungeon entrance are 5 NPC's that make it an ideal spot to train Trap. I will be bringing back EA goods and working Navigation just by sailing.  I have to make time to work on Management (Salted Fish outside of Bengazhi) and Accounts.... no easy way to grind this.


    At the end of the week i pick up Tech#117 and 118 Vital Strike (Staff Rw3) and Axe Drop (Axe R3). I switch to bows and keep on grinding. I pick up Charge Arrow, Poison Arrow and Rapid Arrow. Tech 119, 120 and #121.

  • August 1, 2020, Day 1022


    I have a new trade good to use for Nanban. I collect 3500 zinc in East Africa and bring it to Manila and set up two aide bazaars. There is copper here in Manila so I can make brass. I do runs to Davos to get graphite and iron/iron ore from Ternate and make European armor.


    I take my time and do trades only in cities with War or Cold Damage that have a high demand for Arms.  


    Before bring my goods back to Europe, I stop in Japan East coast and do some land battles to keep grinding traps and to try and pick up some weapon techs. . I pick up Charge Arrow, Poison Arrow and Rapid Arrow. Tech 119, 120 and #121.


    East and West EA have become Lawless so I do my last trades in EA and come back to Europe. I switch to finish my Management Grind by making 1000's of salted fish nuts sailing between Benghazi and Sicily.


  • August 9, Day 1029


    I had my storage toon join a new company.  The toon is 16/32/5 in levels. I plan to speed level this guy and have him sail around in a Premium Large Clipper 24/90/12!


    I took me a day to get him to 20/52/8 and put him into a Trading Clipper.


    I finish my Trap grind in EA and refine it.  I am not really grinding anything special. I will probably do some more Trap grinding. My barrel drop at R14 did about 39/77/115/155/200 damage to NPC. When I went back down to R1+2 the area increased a little and the damage was 6/12/18 etc... I quickly got it back up to R6+2.


    I think about what skills I have left to work on and Astonomy and Accounts are probably what I will work on for the last week. 

  • August 19, Day 1039


    Not much to report. Just doing a lot of Nanaban runs with my new toon to unlock all of EA and spending and recycling all the money made from EA runs to level trade.


    September 4, 2020; Day 1055


    As you can tell, I have not been doing much on my main toon Scurvy. There is not much more for him to do. I usually try to help out other players when they join any of the companies that I am involved in but since I started working on my own storage toon StockTrader I have made Stock my main focus and just used Scurvy as his booster. It has not been even one month of work on this new toon and he is now 50/80/32.


    I will definitely be slowing down as after i get my StockTrader into a Premium High Clipper 24/90/12 required. I will swap back to ScurvyTrader and go work on the last of the jobs and adventure discoveries. I estimate that he will be level 90 Trade by September 20 or so.


    I will not be posting as much in the future unless there is something of note to record. ie. It will not be very exciting to report that I had to run a dungeon 10 times to make one discovery or that I had to re-chart a land zone 5 times to get a discovery map as a reward.  The only thing of interest i think is if I decide to work on Transmutation Alchemy and try to make a Nanban Ex or Blitz EX.

    Stay Safe. 

    Real life note.. (Jan 26, 2021) I will be starting a new full time job tomorrow so I will have much time to adventure and...less to write about when we get to Feb 2021.

  • September 7, Day 1058


    I had a company mate take a Premium High Clipper and grade it to G6.   I only mod it to 5/5 and minimum cargo.  It has Ship Speed Up 1-2-3, EA, Steam Engine and Military Camouflage.  The ship is for speed only, and I will use it for the majority of my adventures from now on.  I could have done the grading myself but I am too lazy. With sails, the stats of the ship are 571V, 664H, 32T, 33W 547Cargo. I will not be making a new adventure ship unless they raise the level cap and create new ships.


    September 20, Day 1071


    My Storage Alt is now 58/84/54, 0/1/0 to that in six and a half weeks is not too shabby. There is a xp boost for levels under 60 that happens for 4 days every 2 weeks. That helps a lot. There is a skill boost at the same time which has no limit so I do Battle reports as a Cannoneer with Scurvy and just tow my alt around for xp. I keep grinding Scurvy's cannon skills but he gets 0xp. oh well...

  • September 26, Day 1077

    Nothing exciting. I work on more land battles and a few EA trips for my alt. I keep working on traps/swordplay and throw. I have set my self a ridiculous goal of getting may aide to 200 attack and 199 defense. My aide Aisha is currently level 59/58/58, 95+45 (140) attack and 94+45 (139)defence.


    I store Archeology in my skills bookshelf and pick up pet training. I need to get to R5 pet training to get the job card "Animal Trainer." I also discover that to complete the High seeker job thesis, i need R5? Medicine Trade? I will get that after I get the Animal Trainer job and complete that job's thesis.

  • October 3, Day 1084

    during the xp/skill boost (that happens every two weeks now) , I do several battle reports. I work on Scurvy's refined cannon skills and my Storage alt StockTrakder gets 2x xp. Nice!


    ContraTrader grinds up and refines Medicine Trading.. and grinds it up to R10+2 again.

    Contra Trader works on the last of the trading skills "Art Trading" to R10. This is the last and only trade skill I have left to refine.


    October 10, Day 1091

    Working on memorial album items.  I have completed many pages; recently I complete:

    Flowers from Home

    Large Fish that live in the Sea

    Giant Fish dwelling in the Sea

    Hardened Armoring

    Sail attached to Main Mast

    Heavy Special Equipment

    Rewards for Aides

    Delicious Creatures of the Sea.  


    Sailed to EA to do a SW and picked up all the EA special foods cook books. Completed all 20 recipes and 4 memorial albums.

  • October 13, 2020 Day 1094

    I had my alt #3 join a new company. The company is full of new low level players. I have taken up answering lots of questions and helping the membership gain levels.


    Created a Solar Barge and went to Atlantis. I did a dungeon dive and learned a few things.  I went as a Sword fighter to wear high level armor and work my skills. At first I thought that you didn't get any swordplay or Sword mastery skill points in Atlantis but later I just realized that the NPC on some of the lower levels were not high enough to give any points.


    I went in with a base 105 attack and 348 defense. I had the deep seeker title on and Boston College skill Sword fighter Combat skills 2 on for higher % of Critical hits. I also had the Oxford skills increase land Attack/Defense 1 and 2 as well as Increase Land Battle attack 2 all active.


    One of the key things I learned about endless dungeons is that you stop loosing your max health when you get down to 35%. I used a ruler up to my screen to estimate the bar.   There were no more messages after a certain point.


    I was able to do 40 levels of the Atlantis dungeon before I (voluntarily) called it quits. at 40 levels and 3 minutes per level that was 2 hours of all dungeon with no break. I am sure I could have gone on endlessly but I was getting tired.  I did many hidden passages and several danger rooms. My armor was high enough and my trap skill was good enough to clear the rooms without being in any real danger.    In the 40 levels I only encountered the Statues once. Two statues with 3600 health each.   It took a while to defeat them, but once they were done I received an Orichalcum!

    I considered the trip well worth it to get that. This item is needed in Alchemy to create and EX item. 

  • October 14, Day  3 x 365 = 1095


    I did another 70 levels of the Atlantis Dungeon before decided to really grind out Atlantis. I re-read the guide to Atlantis by "A Former Voyager of UWO"  I want to give the author credit but I am not sure who it is! You can find it at It is a very thorough guide.


    The report has two key pieces of information, one is how to create a master tech for total evasion. The other is the breakdown of rewards for doing Advanced Technology Research. On the list of the 10 possible rewards, one is 5xOrichalcum! This is a rare Alchemy component. I reported doing approximately 100 levels of the Atlantis dungeon just to get 1 Orichalcum.   I decided to start doing the research and see how fast I could complete one.  Apparently they are really easy to do. Once you deliver the required 100 goods to the merchant and take the quest, instead of doing some long dungeon dive to get research points, I decided to go back to the "real world" and do land battles.   Apparently there is no lower limit (of NPC) to meet the requirement of a land battle. You can fight a level 6 NPC and that will get you 9 research points. You need 400 points or about 44 fights to get the National research award and 3x Celestial Globes. If you come back to the real world and go to any landing site with 2 npcs you can probably do the 44 fights in 30 minutes... go to your capital and report the research and get your reward. Immediately after, you can bring 100 more goods required by the merchant and use one of the Celestial globes to take the research quest again.  

  • October 21, Day 1102


    I did the Atlantis research about 10 times and obtained 10 different awards (including 7 junk items, 2 medium storm sails and one reward of the 5xOrichalcum)   


    I also completed the two cannon specific Memorial Album reports; Multi Cannon and Master Cannons.


    October 22, Day 1103

    Obtained tech Wild Strike Tech 123? While I was grinding thru the land battles to get 400 Research points for Atlantis.


    discovered Polar Stratospheric Clouds in West Siberian Plain Large Boulder in the NE: while collecting Nickel Ore to make Stainless steel and work on my MA Advanced Production recipes.

  • October 28, 2020 Day 1109

    After the update today, I used extra PO's from box #6 to grind Alcohol, Jewelery and Metal Trade up to R15+2 refined.


    I do a Battle Report in the Caribbean and get my Gunnery and Accuracy up to R15+2 refined.


    November 4, 2020 Day 1117

    I decide to work on the Kimberly Mines as there is a Memorial Album set for items made with ores/gems dug up in the mines. You need a ton of Platinum ore to make the items an Platinum ore is extremely rare.  My toon has R20 Search, but it does not really improved the chances of mining a platinum ore once you pass R12 Search or so. The KEY thing is that you can only get a platinum ore during "FEVER TIME." 


    When doing normal mining, after approximately 15-20 actions, you enter "Fortune Time." Fortune time lasts for six actions. If during any of those six actions, you get a gemstone, then you will enter FEVER TIME.  You cannot get to Fortune time if you have a large gemstone. A large gemstone will show up in your character/Character info page on the left side (as a large Gem symbol) You must go to Luanda, appraise and trade it (remove the gem from your character) so you can get to Fortune time again.


    I have been mining for 3 days and I have collected all of 12 Platinum ore. This is going to be a real chore as you need about 500?!? to complete the MA items.

  • Nov 8, Day 1121


    I do some homework and find out which Oxford thesis that I have not completed. I drop my breeder skill Pet Training and pick up Survival. I need Survival R3 and R6 to do the Adventure Mentor Boston College Theses. I will grind up the skill, do the thesis then eventually drop the skill.


    While there is no skill boost, I work on plundering MA items and maps from NPC's. I am also slowly accumulating platinum ore from the Kimberly mines.


    Over 5 days of mining I have collected about 25 platinum ore and 16 "Large Gemstones" that I have to take to Luanda to appraise. for statistics i the gem sizes are

    11.19.31,38,87,89,147,158,171213,304,313,347,353401,637 Carats.

  • Nov 22, 2020 Day 1135

     So I have been very busy lately with real life work, and it has been fairly intense. One of my 4 major projects completed on December 3.


    I have done a ton of things in the last month. Of what I can remember, during the key skills boost events:

    I farmed/discovered and reported 180 R10 recognition maps. R14 now and ready to refine that skill, but I will wait for another skill boost event.

    I farmed/discovered and reported 90 R15 Ecological Research maps. I am still at a lowly R13 but at least I have found a good crossfit MA skills grind. The map is a R15 river shark just outside of Hangzhou. I collect 30 at a time in SanFran from the Scholar and store them on my alt. I take 1500 gold dust and sail from SF to Hangzhou. Make the discovery, sail to Anping, report the discovery, deliver 50 gold dust (to try to gain a MA reward item "Gifts From influential Figures #4") then Repeat 29 more times! I have 4 of the 10 MA items so far.


    I used Walkerpedia and made a list of all the Astronomy discoveries. I completed the list (currently 193 discoveries) I am sure in the future more will be added but for now. I am done with Astronomy base R16+3 Refined in Job.   Astronomer's Wisdom 1 is a huge help here as many discoveries can only be made with the correct Adept of ages title on. AW-1 saves a ton of time having to swap titles. I also completed the Legends of the Stars #1 and #2 Memorial Album.

  • December 6, 2020 Day 1149

     In the last 3 weeks I spend about 100k roman coins in the Colosseum purchasing the armor boxes to get the random MA items. I spent some time there just farming coins.

    Unfortunately the aides do not assist in the Colosseum battles and gain no battle xp.


    Interestingly I may have maxed out my #1 aide in land battles attack/def for levels. The aide is now 62/62/60 and I did not notice a gain in attack/defense at the last level gain for Adventure, nor Trade. The cap seems to be 98/98. My aide is currently 156/156

    (98+58 attack) (98+58 defense) I will keep an eye on this and report once my aide gains another maritime level.


    I had to ask on the forums, but found out how to send an aide to the Royal fleet. Aide must be in Reserve position and in quarters. Then you can go to quarters and click on aide and the button is on the aide.  I am at 1786 on the Royal Fleet, Special Operations Command division (i think this just means Adventure). I don't think there is any benefit for me as I am already court Rank 28.  It is just another number that goes up as I do my normal thing.


    So after I sent my #5 aide to the Royal Fleet, i picked up an aide (tailor) that is needed to get an R13 sewing recipe that can only be done by an aide.  I need to level it so the attributes total are 480 to get the R8 recipe. That with the +5 from being a tailor, will allow the aide to make the MA item. After that, who knows, I may dump this aide for a maritime plunder aide to continue my MA quest.


    Lastly I have been going over the Boston College skills. There are a total of 126. 42 in each class.  I have taken this last week and picked up another 12 or so Boston skills.  The key thing is that I had the job, but never had the job active, nor the required minimum skill at the time when I visited Ben Franklin in Boston. So I made a list and cycled through 6 more sets of skills.   So with my extra language skill slot I keep for Arabic to do Alchemy, I deleted it.. picked up the required skill and speed skilled it to level 6 and did both Thesis.  R6 livestock trade for the Caravanner's theses; then deleted livestock trading, replaced it with Jewelry trade, skilled up to R6 for the Jeweler's theses. etc..  I also did Millionaire (metal trade) Somomelier (alcohol trade), Tea Merchant (luxury Trade), Trade Merchant (Food trade).

     I now have 107 of the 126 Boston Skills.


    I will do the same for Oxford.  I currently have 89 of the 91 skills available. 

  • Dec 7, 2020


    Picked up Linguist Job and completed thesis and made all the MA items. Then dumped the linguist skill.


    Key Shortcut for grinding accounts as a Turk!!!! 2 tow=1 trip = approx 8 accounts skill

    tow permits from NA colony Box #4. You can ride the camel between Basra and Suez and buy/sell goods each time.


    December 15

     So many things got completed in the last 5 days.

    MA rice dishes

    Pacific Specialty dishes

    Immigration attraction #1

    Peaceful Tunes.. including the Alchemy R11 6 string Guitar


    created Atromitos from Alchemy experiments

    created Nanban EX Tieren Wodao

    Grinded Accounts to R9,

    Weapons Trade to R9

    Refined Recognition by doing another 60 R10 Astronomy maps outside of Lisbon. I end up back at R8+2 for recognition.

    Grinded Ecological Recognition to R13 with another 30 R15 bio maps outside of Hangzhou.

    Received several more MA items, rewards from influential people in EA, by making essentially 50 deliveries to either Edo, Busan or Anping.

    continued with my Traps and gunfire skills in EA.

  • December 18, Day?

    After the last update "Seven Wonders"

    We have another skill boost for 4 days. There are 6 new quests,6 maps and 2 Folklore quests. The Quests unlock a new feature called Legacy Discoveries.  I will have to look into that more.  I spend some time doing Chrome Ore collecting and gold mining for Large Gold Nuggets. The only way to get the MA items for "Gold Lover" is to mine a large gold nugget have it appraised by the Miner in San Francisco and if it is large enough, then trade it for a MA item. The MA items randomly appear as items you can trade for and Change every Monday. I have only gotten one of the MA items so far and it will take a minimum of 4 more weeks to get all the items, assuming there are no repeats.


    I also decide to work on my Alchemy and make a "Atromitos"  in the Force of Orichalcum MA album.  My goal is to eventually make a Atromitos EX, which is has the special effect of increasing the drop rates of rare plunder items.  This item or the "Bill" a Pirate ESF reward have the same special effect and I will need one when I start working on the Plunder items for my MA album.

  • December 23,  

    Another skill boost.

    To take advantage of the skill boost, I plan for another trip to EA with 30xR15 Bio/EcoRecognition Maps and 1500 Gold dust. With each discovery, I need to report the discovery, make a delivery to one of the EA "influential figures" city and report the discovery.  I am up to 23 out of the 46 gifts in the 5 different MA books.  Please note that I regularly get duplicates of previous gifts which is very frustrating.  I now have 18 certificates of divine retribution (6 rewards x 3certificates.)

    While in EA, after I make all the deliveries and maps, I spend a few hours grinding out Traps and gunfire. My Bio is now R17+3, but the other three skills Eco recognition, gunfire and traps are all preferred by the Gardener Job. I make R13+2 Refined Gunfire

  • January 3, 2021

     I am working on the New Legacy Discoveries. This is very hard as there is not much of an explanation. Go visit a tavern keeper to get your Book of Wisdom. You are supposed to do random actions to get clues and when you get enough clues (7) you can "Get Prophecy" In the Book of Wisdom, 6 prophecies are arranged in a hexagon around a center prophecy. Each of the outer 6 prophecies is a discovery around a major central discovery. If you manage to get the center discovery, when you go to that location , there will be approximately 10 Spots of "light" where you can search and collect an item.  These items are usually the new crew equipment items, or items related to the new alchemy or just a type of consumable. 

    To get clues, you are supposed to visit the NPC Mina at one of the 7 capital tavern's each day and get a hint of what to do to get a clue.  You cannot talk to Mina unless you have completed the Treasure Seeker's storyline.  It took me around 5 days to complete the storyline. (you could probably do it in 1 day, but there is a lot of sailing around and mandatory time at sea.. ie you don't get the next part of the storyline unless you have been at sea for at least 30 minutes.. then return to the same port etc. 

     It is a very very long storyline, and I am sad that the game implementers put so much time into it as I did not even read one line of the 100's of boxes of dialogue. I just clicked on the dialogue boxes and looked for where I had to go next.

     After doing a lot of searching, I found a poorly translated guide on the Japanese Wiki, which lists all of the 15 actions that can give you a clue. (So if you read this, you don't even now have to do the Mina Storyline) Some are easy, (enter the Church in Venice.= get a clue to the Hilicarnasus Legacy) Some are very hard. Raise a 5* or higher SW in East Mediterranean.  In the Japan Wiki it says raise 5 Shipwrecks in East Med!!! (This clue greatly increases your chance of getting the center discovery) I thought to myself that will be impossible. I have completed over 500 Shipwrecks and i am guessing that probably 5 of the 500 have been raised in the East Med.  Fortunately, it is raise ONE shipwreck in Med E to get a clue, and the chances of raising a SW in East Med has gone way up... or at least it has if you have activated the Book of Wisdom Legacy Theme that has this as one of the actions.

    I never skip a SW and raised 15 or so. Three have been in the East Med.

     I completed 7 of the clues 10 times and kept getting the same three legacy discovery locations. After I found out that one of the Clues was the SW in East Med, I did SW until i got that as a clue and on my 11th set, I got the center Legacy prophecy and was allowed to visit Hilicarnasus.


    As time has gone on, more and more information on the Legacy and Book of Wisdom has been put up, and things are much more clear. A guide to which combinations have given a specific directional Legacy clue has been published in the Papaya forums under Captains logs.

  • January 14, 2021

     We have a full 2 weeks skill boost going on so I have been grinding out Throw.. R15 and trap R11+2 Refined; Sword Mastery R15, and Swordplay R13+2 Refined; Sociablity R12 and Accounts R9. I also manage to finally Refine Eco-Recognition and get it back to R7+2 Refined.  The Eco recognition comes from grinding out the River Shark R15 map from San Francisco... discovery in West Asia.


    For the River Shark Map, I make the discovery just outside Hangzhou and sail to Anping.. report the discovery and make a 50trade good (minimum) Nanban trade to have a chance at getting a "Gift from influential Figures" for Taiwan. I am at 9 out of the 10 possible gifts.  I get a ton of repeats. I now have 30 charms of divine retribution (the same gift of 3 charms x 10)

  • January 24, 2021  

    I have started a new job and will be playing much less for a while. Weekends and maybe 1-2 h max per day.


    After the skill boost ends, I go back and work on aide land battle xp. I do a lot of rounds in the Colosseum taking the special missions fighting with your aide.  The random gift boxes are a huge boost for aides and I have been collecting up Aide XP boosts.


    I also go back to working on my Memorial Album. I am up to 35 pages now. There are several difficult Album pages that are not well documented and that I only found out about by looking at other players.  You can tell a lot about what a player focuses on by looking at their MA. 


    January 31, 2021

    I have been working on the Legacy Quests and a few Ship Wrecks. There is a competition, but I have not worked on it much as I am working now.  I completed 50 SW and now am at a total of 611 Ship Wrecks raised.  Amazingly I am still missing 6 out of the 20 memorial album items from the two "Treasures Buried in the Sea" MA albums.


    I also still need to complete "Land of Freedom and Creation" These items are made by having certain NPC appear at your colony and then using their recipe. Unfortunately you need to either do a quest to have one appear or you need the proper building level and population.    I have not ever seen the Policeman's daughter in about 3 months of visiting the colony daily. Nor have I seen the "Sewing Master" who also has some recipes.  I will have to do more research about how to make them appear and where to look for them. 

  • February 7, 2021

    There is a boost on from Feb 3-7 so I do some Fabric and Art Trading skill. Although I have Refined Fabric Trading on this toon, I decide to delete the skill and place it on my Alt. ContraTrader. ContraTrader has tons of language skills, that are mostly not needed anymore.  When I run into a language requirement for a quest, I use a World Language Reader. They cost 1M each in the Seville shops but are pretty common now. They are also available in Immigration attraction box #4. (maybe 2% of those boxes are WLR)

    I am not sure what skill to replace it with; maybe evasion or rowing?!?


    With one day of the skill boost, I work on my plunder and Tactics skills. Plunder is only at R10 and Tactics is R9. I decided to work on the skills while trying to obtain Rare plunder items for the Memorial Album.  


    I start in the Baltic Sea working on the Viking armor sets.  I have the Oxford skills: Rare item plunder; successful Plundering 1 and 2 active. I also have my aide who has Seize Cargo skill. I only crew my ship with 80-90 sailors, because If I have a full crew, the enemy ship loses its crew too fast and I do not get to seize cargo/plunder nearly as much.  I also have removed my swordplay skill and put it in the bookshelf as was recommended in the Plunder guides. I do about 1.5k plunder skill xp and 1.5k xp in Tactics, and manage to plunder Thorensien the Red's armor and Eric the Red's Armor.

  • Feb 15, 2021

    I raised 53 Shipwrecks and placed #36 in the SW competition.  The goal was not to finish in the top 10, I was too busy.  Believe it or not, the random reward for placing in the N0's, ie 20th, 30th , 40thand 50th, was way waay better than the #4-10 finish.

    The item is a "Brave Pendant" +30 attack, 25 defense, +3gunfire, +3Sword Mastery,+3Swordplay and INCREASE Sailing Speed (Rank 8)!!  You could debate that this item was better than winning a ship in the top 3 spots.


    I move around and try some plundering of other MA items. I obtain a book of fine armor ornamenting from the Portuguese fleet in the North Sea and make the Gold Armor and Refined gold armor.  It is a bit tedious as I have to get some Greek and Egyptian goddess amulets to make a traveler's and then a Scholar's amulet.


    Since i am so busy with work, I spend a lot of time in North America doing collection and auto land battles.  I deleted a 50/30/50 toon to make room for a new 5/25/0 toon to sit in NA East Coast. This toon will not invest in NA railroads and be leveling Adventure and Maritime. I want to make sure the toon stays low level and gets attacked by npcs if standing next to them in a landing area.


    I also did some more research into the plunder items. I may have to delete my 5/25/0 toon some time as you need a very very low level toon to sail around and get ambushed by a npc fleet that has the MA item I need to get.  Unfortunately, you must be or have that low level npc in your fleet or you will not get attacked.  (Some of these are in the "Novice Treasure Exploraton 1-2-3-4") Explorer's notes of NTE#2 says you need to have a toon with total levels between 5-10!!.. 

  • Feb 21, 2021

     I have been super busy with real life. I have a ton of work and many projects going on simultaneously.


    The North America Thanksgiving festival was on this week so I spent a lot of time just doing land battles and collection. My top aide is now level 63/63/62 and has attack 165 / defense 165 ! That is one tough aide.


    I also did a few more Legacy quests and discovered the Ancient City in the Desert.  I am still missing a few discoveries on the outer ring, but I do not have a lot of time to do Legacy quests.


    This week is also a skill boost so I tried doing a (rare) plunder and tactics grind.  I made R11 plunder and am still stuck at R9 tactics.  I did manage to get one of the Viking Hero's MA item.  It is very tedious for me as making a rare NPC appear takes a lot of patience.  I spent 4 hours outside of the landing above Bergen defeating npc's to get the rare fleet to appear.. no luck. 

  • March 7, 2021

     Working hard on a few skills. I have set them up to work with the MA items. I have been trying to plunder several items including flags, armor and mannequins.  Unfortunately, it causes me to have to sink national fleets. They get sunk sometimes by accident, but I attack them anyways and they tend to get upset.   The three skills that I am working are Tactics, Plunder and a bit of surgery. I have managed to collect one Holy Creature of legend and one more Viking Hero armor. Tactics is up to R10 now and I am able to boost my Plunder with oxford and an item up to R15. I don't mind the grinding, but the really hard part is waiting for the correct rare fleet to appear. 

  • March 14, 2021

     I am working on the Alchemy Experiment MA items. It is not too tough. You just need to collect some materials and go at it.  Lots of experiments and lots of failures. I now have a use for all of those furniture repair tools that I collected in the Sea of Wonders.

    I still have two more to go the gold sword and dagger. They require metal and fur from n. Europe to be made into armor->gold armor-> gold dagger/short sword. It is just a bit far since my quarters is in Istanbul and the fur is in N. Europe.


    I am also working on gathering platinum ore from the Kimberly mines. I have collected 60 ore over 60hours of collecting gemstones (x2 toons)n It is a long grind, but doable.

    I need lots of this stuff to make high grade and highest grade platinum ore for another MA album set.

  •  March 21, 2021

     I managed to collect 5 more MA items. Two items came from the Gold Lover's Album. The items finally showed up at the Gold Miner Exchange so I spent two days collecting nuggets to trade in.

    The other three came from the "Land of Freedom and Creation." These items are only available from either the Policeman's daughter at a colony Bank or from the Master Tailor that appears at the Fountain Square.  It cannot be one of the other versions of the square. (Tree or Bleachers)

    Thanks to Ranger B for the tip and inviting me to his colony Dutch Courage.  The trick is that you can invite yourself to any colony as long as you see another player just standing around. ie. you can go to Seville and click on a player and at the top right of the player screen you can register their colony.   You may have to de-register an existing colony port by journal/charts/bottom right de-register port.  If you do not see a colony to register, the player may not be in a company.  Once you have the colony registered, you can go visit and get all the NA trade items and meet all the correct NPCs.


    After the last update, Atlantis is back. I am doing one national research per day to visit and get the crystal blessings and National researcher's award.    The Research Award is super easy since I set up for land battles in North America most evenings.

    Some neat items are available in the Atlantis shop this time. +25% 1h boost for skill and fame are available for 25M each and tow permits are available for 25k each.  That is way cheaper than buying colony box #4 and opening them to get a chance at extra tow permits.  I am set for a while!

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