Still turkey uses overclocking, they run faster and cross walls, can i also use lag and ovc to be fair? If they can, why can't I: D hehe


  • Ovc was fixed more than 2 years ago. No one is able to OVC in WarRock. If you try so you will get banned by EAC. Its simply laggs or someone knows how to bunnyhop, speedroll and slide nicely.


  • So why do they pass through walls? Why don't you fix it, it's not fair, you just do everything for fucking turks to make them better than Europe. So I will use my gaming phone to have the same lags as them, then there will be a balance

  • I know that lagg is anoying af and i hate all of those laggers aswell. But we cant do anything about their bad connection.

  • can't afford the server? Let them finish this game, because even Minecraft for kids is stable and has servers, and warrock is a scrap for Turks

  • 2006 and 2021 and pathology does not manage to have good servers, but when the game is bought by niggers and average developers, it is embarrassing

  • Nexone, and Papaya, who is this? Nexone had its own cheats that it sold, and Papaya doesn't give a shit whether it will be a server or not, 2050 will not have it because they only earn premium.

  • Its less the Servers and more the Netcode. WarRock was created for 1 country and not for the Global Marked. Thats why the laggs are so Bad & DreamExecution just doesnt want to work on it. So GG.

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    you should try to be human.  you're insulting  for turkish  and  black people. this not good.

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