[4Story] New Server FAQ

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Q) What is Papaya Play? 

A) ‘Papaya Play’ is the online gaming platform for Vertigo Games America Inc.

It currently services BlackShot, Dekaron, La Tale, War Rock, Uncharted Waters Online and the recently added 4Story, Lost Saga and NineDragons.

Our platform has more than 20 million global members total, and continues to be highly recognized with 400,000 monthly average users (MAU). We enjoy continued success in global service for multiple titles and the '4Story' relaunch is expected to continue and expand this record of exceptional service. 

Q) When is the New Server Launch?

A) The New Server launch date is April. 21th [CEST].

The patch will be applied at 03:00AM CEST (18:00PM PST) sharp and we expect it to proceed for few hours. We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Q) Where can I get the new Client?

A) For those who already have installed our previous server, the client will be the same! All you need to do is run it once the New Server is open and download the latest patch files.

For all the users who have not the client already installed instead, they can download it at the link below:


Q) How is this New 4Story Server be any different? 

A) We have applied many changes from the previous server based on your feedback.

One of the most important is the Removal of Broa!

For the full detail changes, please refer to our previous announcements (Update1 and Update2) and the Patch Notes that will be released with the game launch!

Please note that Papaya Play is directly and actively collaborating with Zemi Interactive, we’ll keep applying changes and patches to our 4Story Server.

We are also closely monitoring feedback and suggestions such as removal of Broa, removal of Crystal Games, removal of 40/44/48 Equips and much more from all of our social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Discord, Forum or Customer Support (tickets).

Papaya Play is open to customizations according to our player base's feedback, so don't forget to leave your comments on any of our social media platforms! 

Q) Where is the New Server located?

A) The New Server will still be located in the Eastern North America region.

We are aware that many of you requested us to change location to Europe. Although not guaranteed, we do not exclude this possibility for the future.

Q) Why does the New Server have 2 Worlds? Are they the same? Which one should I join?

A) On the New Server you’ll be able to choose between two worlds: Iveria (Europe CET time) and Leya (NA PST time).

The reason behind this is that american players couldn’t participate on the main contents on the previous server cause of the time settings.

With this solution NA and EU players should be available to enjoy their favorite ingame content.

Q) Is 4Story still free to play?

A) Yes. 4Story is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that has been loved by many countries since 2008. 

Q) Will this server have ping issues for European players?

A) We have collected data through our previous Server. It seems to be totally playable in other regions as well. 

Q) If I have already played the previous Server do I need to create a new account? 

A) Only in-game characters have been erased and must be created again once the New Server will be online.

That means, you can still log-in into the New Server using your current Papaya Play Account.

Q) Can I migrate my characters and equipments from the previous Server to the new one? If not, will I get any compensation?

A) This New Server will begin with no characters or equipments migration so everyone can start on an equal playing field with a fresh game economy.

We know that some users were loyal till the end. This is why we want to run this compensation event and provide you some refund/compensation for the time and money you spent on our previous Server.

We are glad to have such loyal users between our Community!

For more information on the Compensation Plan, please refer to the following -> Compensation Plan Here

Q) Is this 4Story official? 

A) Yes. This is the official page for 4Story that is being published at Papaya Play.

Please view below for all our social media links, so you can receive real-time updates from our staff!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4StoryOfficial/

Discord: https://discord.gg/z6eCZWy

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKJOSn_AzxmWD4MJPfkX0aA

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