Changes/Improvements to the server

Hi everyone 🤗

We thought of creating a topic where each and every one of you can come with a suggestion in regards to improving/changing some aspects of the game. This will be an open thread and everyone can add their own contribution. It helps us a lot seeing what you guys think in terms of enhancements to the current client.

The rules are simple:

  • anyone can write as many suggestion as they want (DO NOT make multiple threads for multiple suggestions - post them all at once)
  • the community can upvote the most desired ones
  • at the end we will make a poll with the most upvoted ones and focus on the ones who won the majority of the votes
  • feel free to attach pictures and/or videos if you need to describe more in debt any of the features

PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN AND ORGANIZED!! Also, the rules apply here as well so behave.



  • Improve/change in game font, it is difficult to read. thanks <3

  • Remove Guardian Boxes from Yellow Dragon boxes, they give Kunlun Beads witch makes people too OP at this early stage.

  • Lower PvP dmg so we dont get one/two shot. And remove unwanted unused npcs.

  • Reorganise NPC-s. Dont make everything similar to RedFox. Also make all items farmable.

    Make warriors good again!

  • Improve drop rate.

  • Improve game animation. Many Kung Fu are old and boring, no lightnings/shinings. There been some cool looking kung fu at acclaim version 10 years ago, sadly many of them have been removed or changed to ugly ones.

  • Extend Band members capacity. Lvl1 band has 11 slots and each lvl it add only 1 more spot. Easier would be if lvl1 band could begin with 20 members atleast. Also higher experience rate to lvl band or more ways to lvl it could help too ;)

  • I agree with this, there should be reasonable dmg cap in pvp.

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    Monthly reward require too many hours to be online. Player must be no lifer or have chance to leave character afk all night/day long :D

  • All warriors have active with shining, but League of Beggars vanguard warrior is missing that. Why all other have, but not LoB? :D

  • How can we upvote the best suggestions? I don't see any button.

  • We're seeing about increasing the font size, at least for chat/system messages. It seemed fine at the time but we forgot that not everyone has nice monitors like our office. Most people probably aren't hunched over their desks like we are, too. We don't want to touch the rest of the text display because we already have words sticking out of UI windows, since that's what happens when you translate KR text to English, but we're asking about increasing chat size.

  • Increase the drop rate, and put a cap damg pvp

  • It is rly dissapointed to see no difference from other publishers. Many of us thought that joongwon will stop this gumble game and make it f2p.

    Graphics are the same, gameplay too, u will never get new players if nothing will be changed.

  • Just another 9D server. makes no difference. milking your cash early in the at the end its still the same like Acclaim, GC and redfox. well feel free to enjoy. lol

  • Increse drop rate. Add x5 Honor Student to Daily connection bonus!

  • Monthly reward need to be can not trade. This will prevent spamming account to afk and earn free gift to trade to main account. Please fix this now!

  • Kung Fu training is kinda too slow, need add to game 900% kung fu pills like other publishers did and add x5/x10 honor student books too, they been before too

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    1. You have to switch maps or relog after chi breathing.
    2. One good thing about G1, GC, and RedFox was disabling chat from LS0 - LS10 due to gold sellers, this needs to be implemented here as well. (Happened late in Acklame)
    3. Bring back Acklame VGM program or have a larger GM presence in game so that gold sellers can be chat banned and eventually IP blocked.
    4. Monitoring accounts for buying from gold sellers. Not only does it affect the server pricing in game, but also affects your cash shop purchases.
    5. Increase skill XP rate.
    6. Give healers back their tiny nukes. Switching them into buffs made it so that healers are not able to kite or lure.
    7. Make the size of the boxes smaller (or remove them completely) for items from cash mall that are rewarded as the overlay takes up almost half the screen.
    1. Increse drop rate, this is lower than previous publishers thats for sure!
    2. Revamp warriors, make them good like before
    3. All dungeons to be farmable as CK and as MELEE too
    4. Lowest level of p2w in game
    5. Remake resources/crafts, remove useless NPCs and switch them with something NEW. None wanna play same game(meaning on RedFox/Awaken)
    6. Watch out for Black Market and VNs that can ruin game economy in few days.
    7. Most importantly GIVE US NEW CONTENT, and you will get more and more players!
  • Add anti pvp buff in pvp maps. Keep Loulan, Hainan, Bloody plain full pvp. Many top geared pkers doesnt have honor - they pk same player continously 5+ times in 1 hour (combat record, karma receive every 1 hour after pvp with same guy). Or find other solutions for pve players, so they wont quit game, because of being killed every 2 minute.

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    Remove the XX obtained XX, or YY has created YY popups.

    I get that it is there as an incentive for people to spend money and have a celebratory announcement of their own, but does anyone really care? It makes the game tacky, and is a complete pain in the butt.

  • The bosses like this one, because it's like an advertisement. But I agree that it's intrusive and annoying, so we're seeing about minimizing the size at least, if we can't get rid of it completely.

  • This one has been requested and was reportedly available from previous publishers. So we're asking about it, because while some degree of danger from other players keeps things interesting, I hate it when I'm just out and about, gathering herbs and doing tai chi, and some rando comes by and beats the stuffing out of me for no reason.

  • Agreed. The rewards were kind of thrown together without consideration. I'll keep an eye on them the next time we propose them, and point out stuff which can be abused.

  • Not sure what we can do about the drop rate, but kung fu EXP for daily rewards seems appropriate. I'll look into it.

  • Good idea. We should be encouraging players to be social, and a low cap on Hero Bands goes against this. I'll propose this to the developers.

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    suggestion to remove or increase CAP on attack speed, movement speed, item drop rate, etc (for example, attack speed is limited to 35%, while many items offer more than that (ends up useless)).

  • Good idea, easily capping a stat makes a lot of items feel less useful.

    Of course, we could also universally lower the bonus granted by many of these items, so it wouldn't be so easy to hit the cap. And everyone would stay at relatively the same level of power... but number go down, make player mad.

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