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  • Increse drop rate. Add x5 Honor Student to Daily connection bonus!

    Also 900% kung fu pills to daily connection bonus and also lower the amount of hours needed for daily connection bonus, i mean 300 hours to get the last one on the list equates to 12 days logged on constantly is an absolute disgrace.

    Add the above items and even make the last item on the list 200 hours which is slighty more reachable.

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    Add Green dragon orb and Red dragon orb in market place items that can help u recover ur weapon if it fails upon refinement

  • These items are already for sale. Check the 3rd page of the Convenience -> Crafting tab.

  • Increse drop rate.

    In my experience, there will always be someone unhappy with the drop rate. And moving it too high would crash the economy. So the drop rate is likely to stay as it is for the time being.

    Add x5 Honor Student to Daily connection bonus!

    I don't know if there will be 5, but we'll try add at least 1 the next time we do Daily Connection Rewards.

    lower the amount of hours needed for daily connection bonus, i mean 300 hours to get the last one on the list equates to 12 days logged on constantly is an absolute disgrace.

    Same with the item drop rate - someone will always be dissatisfied. The last step is supposed to be difficult to get and aimed towards players who really make an effort. And there are enough players claiming it that we know it's achievable.

    • Increase crafting chances
    • Increase crafting drops

    The excuse that "someone always will be dissatisfied" is not a valid excuse, when the system is so rigged against you. You cant crash a economy that's not there in the first place or already dying. Crafting and crafting drops need to feel validated to actually start doing something. And should not require 10 people shenanigans for 1 person to receive an item.

    • Revamp Kunlun bosses
    • Fix Icy dungeon - Green/Red
    • Fix Icy in general - Map bosses, epis.
    • Revamp green Golden Castle
    • Cash shop for paying customers is not worth it. 1 example, there is a lot more.

    To get Beads of "X" (Excellence) i takes 230 Mythic emblems. I had it tested with 66 branches and you get around 20 mythic emblems. 66 branches is around 100 €€. so i takes 1200€ to get enough emblems for 1 trade if you are lucky. This is not worth any pennies. How is this balanced or " making it worth for the P2W player invest" which is so highly praised in another threads.

    • Grinding for f2p players is not worth it.

    200-300 hours for a single craft, that may or is going certainly fail, with no backup/saving mechanics is just not worth it to even try and just because its "achievable" as mentioned in other threads, doesn't mean its justified or even logical. For some things you have to be downright no-lifer to get anything.

    • Active GM-s, not only to be seen in each full moon.
    • Weak feedback implementation
    • Borderless full-screen
    • Map accessibility fixes
    • You have the source code, how about using it to the fullest!!!
    • 2 weeks for major updates is fine, but they actually need to be major. Not some cheap cash grab attempt or unreasonable event including cash shop box thing.
    • Learn from previous releases of the game - acclaim, redfox, awaken, private servers. Start was good, but so far its just downhill from there.

  • Can only agree!!!

    Create/drop System is out of date.

    You Farm tons of mats, if they drop. Like on kl you can only Farm when no drop buff is on, since loot table is bugged. Than you need tons of mats to have a ridiclous low create rate.

    Sorry gms, its 1 Thing to buy stuff in Im, but its just shit how it is.

  • There should be an event called Ocha where you re supposed to be farming Ocha coins. And pray to Ocha. And give gold to Ocha. I think that would be great.

  • I suggest to increase drop rate. Had a bad experience on it most of the time.

  • Fix the KL drop rate so we can benefit from drop events. AFAIK anything that goes over 50% bugs the drop.

    The recast timers are bugged. Every time a skill goes off cooldown and it's immediately used it has something that looks like a 2nd (very short) cooldown which is incredibly annoying - especially if you are ck. Look into this, please?

    NDTS at 384h is really hard to get unless we fry our PCs.

  • The devs are now aware of the KL drop issue, and we're exempting KL from drop bonuses until it's fixed. Not sure when that will be, but fingers crossed that it will be soon.

    The Recast time is a little trickier. 9Dragons is still built atop a very old game engine which dates back to times where many players would still be on dial-up, so split-second timing is not exactly built into it. We'll continue testing and see if we can present a complete description of the issue to the devs, but it may be caused by something buried very deep in the game code, in which case a full solution is less likely.

    The Connection Rewards were intended to peak in value at the 96 hour mark, and then decrease, but remain valuable, for players who want to keep going. Having legions of AFK farmers isn't exactly aesthetically appealing, but the sudden UV drop when Connection Rewards run out doesn't look good to the number-crunchers, so there's pressure on us to keep numbers up. Still, we'd rather make something that appeals to less hardcore players, so if you can suggest alternative prizes which wouldn't turn the economy upside-down if everyone received one, we're always open to new ideas.

  • Just to provide an idea on your last paragraph about not killing an economy while still rewarding players, it is actually very simple.

    Provide players items that are most used/bought in the Connection Rewards (easy to verify this on server logs), make them untradeable.

    This maintains the players interested, your server numbers up and everyone happy!

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