[BS-GLB EVENT] CS 2.44.0 You Talk, We Listen

Hello Mercs,

Operation Grand Conjuration is now online  with new weapons, calling card customization and more!

Share your feedback on the updates and changes in this month’s patch and you’ll be rewarded!

Update Info:


  • From 18/11/2021 to 13/12/21, you need to share your feedback, of the latest Operation Grand Conjuration update on this forum topic with your character name (IGN);
  • We will revise all entries, will take all feedback under consideration for upcoming updates, and reward all players that provide constructive feedback;


  • You can only participate 1 time;
  • We only consider as participants players that leave constructive feedback;
  • Abusive behavior is grounds for disqualification.


  • Top Feedback(s): M4A1 Osprey+, AWP Mody Dick+ 7 days
  • Participation: M4A1 Osprey+ 3 days

Team BlackShot


  • (ING): DooFus_

    Every thing is good.

    Thank you all.

  • (ING): iTsKrat0s_

    good morning,

    about updates... it good.

    but we miss some old moods like commander.

    i hope to return it back.

    thank you all.

  • (ING): Desperado_CZ

    Hello, about update its starting be a more and more about moneys,

    Classic weapons for coins are crap against money weapons.

    Game was good like 8y ago now its slowly dying.

  • (IGN) ; ThrowableThunder

    The update is good, but the sniper Black AWP have no double scope. And please less the amount of gems in store to buy freely. Thanks.

    Your mercinary.


  • amei tudo a iniciativa para trazer novos play mais acredito que a empresa poderia fazer isso tem pouco jogadores para coloborar com isso parceria com empresas ou outros gamer seria esecial eo servido br nao da tem muito macro deveria ter mais ban nisso e melhorar a conexao para os br joga no servidor word

    IGN: Nescau_op

  • Good initiative, this makes players who are unable to recharge gems enjoy some different items and yet can try weapons and items that will definitely be better for your game.

  • ING: CaaTaaLeeYa

    me gusto las nuevas actualizaciones sobre todo la awp black me gustaria q optimizaran las armas y incluyan mas trajes mas eventos y beneficios para los q recargamos gemas ademas que el ping mejorara pues los servidores estan muy caidos para los latinos, desearia ser admin o gm deberian crear a los operatives para q informaran de errores y hackers macros gracias

  • edited November 22

    ign: _Psychopath


    First of all i want to say that game is unplayable atm. Specially competitive mode. There is a lot of hackers, Lowranked players with hack or macro. My advice: restrict access for competitive mode to higher rank! Because all hackers are new accounts with LOW ranks!

    I belive thats one of the reasons why a lot of players have left competitive mode or better to say whole game. It's so irritating to see some guy with sargent major account which eat us in competitive mode. And every new season is the same. So please do something about this problem. Its not only my opinion, the other players I talked to have the same opinion.

    Have a nice day!


  • Everything is good

    good luck


  • ING: IWIllHuntYouDown

    Well as everyone can see, this game is a sinking ship. I have like a thousand things that could be changed. To begin with competitive, holy shit. Its unplayable with how much hackers are in there. Start giving out IP bans or something. Because they keep coming back with new accounts and it feels like Blackshot is not doing anything about it.

    Then we have this enormous Pay2Winn thing. Lets be honest, without spening money u can't even get further than gold rank in competitive. You have to spend at least 25 euro a month to get kind of a good rank in competitive (if you are good at the game). With gold weapons its impossible to win vs people that spend money, the gap between money weapons and gold weapons is way to big. And I understand that you have to make some money. But look at the old blackshot. It was way more about skill, someone with gold weapons could easily beat someone with "TWC" weapons. Then the scopes and silencers, why the fuck we have to pay for that??? Just make it like before that you could grind your way up and unlock the possibilty to buy it. To be fair, there is not 1 thing better about this blackshot than the older one.

    You want all the old players back that left? Like 90% of the community already left. Just get back the old blackshot. It will give awesome flashbacks and I am sure that 75% will come back to play this game. And they will spend money ( so u also gonna make money just like now ).

    Do something about the money weapons. Because every gun is the same but just with a different look and different sound. They all have like 0 recoil so it takes 0 skill to kill people. This is also the problem that I said with the gap between gold weapons and money weapons.

    Believe me if the games goes on for like 5 seasons more like this. Then it will be totally dead and full with Arab macro using losers. I don't write this to get that reward. I don't care about that whole reward. I am just fucking angry that my youth game is going down, and the way how it is going down is fucking pathetic. Just change the whole game and this game will be alive just like in the old days, believe me.

    Good luck changing this game, no changes? Then I will also leave this game after 9 years. Listen to the fking people!!!! Do something about it!!!


  • ign: HARVAY

    En especial creo que tendrían que mejorar el ping para los latinos, quizás no somos muchos pero estamos presentes para jugar en la primera oportunidad, hay demasiados hackers en competitivo y no podemos subir de elo por esas personas, estaría bien que existieran personas indicadas para esos aspectos del juego, y que en las cajas realmente toque lo que dice y no cosas que no deberían tocar; de igual forma les agradezco por este juego.


    Em resumo as novas operações estão ótimas, bom ver que o jogo ainda tem administração ativa e eventos. Mas dar armas "pay to win" a jogadores, principalmente novatos é bem pisar na bola, vejo jogadores que andam com a mira no chão, dando muita bala em jogadores mais experientes no jogo simplesmente por ter as armas " pay to win " o melhor seria dar mais gold, e seria muito interessante se pudessem otimizar o jogo, sempre que entra algum player na sala o jogo simplesmente trava, mas tirando isso o jogo ta muito bom. inclusive convidei 3 amigos meus e agora jogam sempre junto comigo 😍

  • IGN: pichpiche_50

    Nice update, as usual you add some old BP weapons, let's improve the balancing between cash users and non-cash ones, because it's annoying to be insulted as ''noobs'' by the cash users, but i am not here to complain about them, nice additions, but improve also the hitbox,and also weapons accuracy; because some weapons aren't accurate as before... on those very days, some AK bullets doesn't hit correctly like before :/ it's sad...

    i simply like it, no more advice, some people told the best of the bests, for X-mas update, let's add the very old BP Candy Cane for non-cash users... X-mas update isn't very nice without this little present that represents an good old soul part of old Blackshot.

    Thanks a lot!

  • same as huntdown and pichepiche

    the best suggestion i can do is if you could return the old blackshot, let's make a mix between the outfits permanents feature, the new modes, and the old partner system, the old tactic package, because tactic system is weird honestly.

    i will not add anymore, but as i am a gold player, non cash is awesome as my little pleasure of playing just sometimes, no competitive or clan war, for christmas Candy Cane BP and an old BP gun could be awesome.

    and yes, candy cane was a nice christmas weapon we all lost since revolution made it as cash, sad.

    my ing is gaugo

  • Moin,

    das Update an sich ist ja ganz gut gelungen aber mal wieder neue op-waffen und keine richtigen bugfixes. Zumindest wurden keine Bugs gefixt die einen erheblichen Einfluss auf das Spiel haben, wie z.b die ganzen Plant-Bugs in 90% der SD Maps.

    Zudem verstehe ich immernoch nicht wieso ihr es den highranks so schwer macht! Ihr solltet doch schon längst bemerkt haben, dass die "neuen" Spieler (lowranks) zu 99% gebannte, oder multiaccounts sind von Spielern, die sich jede Season die OP Waffen von den Einloggrewards holen, oder liege ich das so falsch? Man muss mitlerweile wirklich schon mit nen unguten Gefühl ins Spiel gehen sobald ein Lowrank in den Raum kommt, weil man sich schon sicher sein kann, dass dieser Lowrank entweder was uset, oder so krasse op waffen hat gegen die man mit den Waffen, die man als normaler Spieler erwerben kann (auch Gems-Waffen) garnicht gegen ankommt. Naja es sei denn man gibt hunderte an Euro aus um sich die extrem Überteuerten Packages zu holen (über 40€ für AK Omega? Traurig)! Nehmt doch einfach bitte die Login Belohnungen für die "neuen" Spieler raus und gebt denen genauso wie allen anderen die normalen Login Rewards, das ist nur fair und sorgt vllt mal dafür, dass sich nicht 75% der Spieler jede Season nen neuen Account machen.

    Kleine Anmerkungen / Verbesserungsvorschläge:

    • Co-Leader -Assistant in einem Clan sollten Spieler annehmen dürfen (Vielleicht ne Funktion reinmachen, dass der Leader das einstellen kann ob er es darf oder nicht)
    • Ingame-Chat muten und entmuten können (Vielleicht wie bei /bs$$ping mit einen Befehl)
    • Partnercam zurückbringen
    • Frühere Balance von € zu Gems damals waren es 1000BSC für 10€ jetzt ca. 880Gems für 10€
    • Waffen Mastery: Scope, Silencer, NZ Waffen etc. zurückbringen und nicht nur die Grandmaster Waffen
    • Wechselnde Competitive Belohnungen damit wieder mehr Spieler Comp spielen und nicht immer nur der selbe Mist kommt an den man sich einfach satt gesehen hat

    Ingame Name: BoomChickaWahWah

  • yep its a good update keep ur the good work ;)

  • 100% with him.... this game is an absolut trash now .... even 1900's games are way better than it

  • Olá !!

    IGN: WarL0cK__

    Eu gostei muito dessa temporada pelo fato de vocês trazerem a awp Black de volta. Mas, ela ter apenas um zoom de mira deixa ela como se fosse uma awp comum e no bs antigo ela era uma das melhores awps do jogo. Mas já que ela veio desse jeito eu jogarei com ela assim mesmo.

    Já que vocês sempre tá trazendo armas e vestimentas novas, um conselho, se for trazer alguma arma antiga novamente põe de gema no shop ou no gashabox, pois sempre quando vocês trazem pra comprar no shop por bp, não sei oq acontece, mas, depois de um tempo a arma fica nerfada de uma maneira que não dá nem gosto de jogar. E as armas que deveriam ser nerfadas não são, como algumas shotguns, awps e rifles.

    Porém, tirando tudo que falei acima, o jogo tá bom, cada dia da vontade de jogar mais e mais, já chamei alguns amigos que tinham parado de jogar algum tempo e agora eles voltaram e nós estamos jogando.

    A cada temporada o jogo fica mais competitivo e com vestimentas novas deixa o jogo ainda mais legal de se jogar.

    E se vocês puderem trocar a premiação do competitivo seria uma das melhores coisas que vocês poderiam fazer.

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