[BS-GLB EVENT] Operation Bloody Roar : You Talk, We Listen

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Hello Mercs,

Share your feedback on the updates and changes in this month’s patch. Does Operation Bloody Roar set us off on great beginnings for 2022, or can more be done? Let us know and you’ll be rewarded.

Update Info:




From 13/01/22 to 09/02/22, you need to share your feedback of the latest update on this forum topic with your character name (IGN);

All constructive feedback will be taken into consideration and you’ll be rewarded. Exceptional feedback will be exceptionally rewarded.


Abusive behaviour is grounds for disqualification.


Top Feedback: AK47 Snow+ 7d, AWP Candy+ 7d

All Constructive Feedback: HK416 Snow+ 3d

Team BlackShot


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    This new patch has brought some cool new items, most notably the new Tiger Suit uniform which is too cute when complete with tiger masks and backpack. Besides, the daily rewards are very good too, as well as the events that we are going to have in this patch, everything came out in an excellent way.

    IGN: StreetT_VR

  • Este novo patch trouxe alguns novos itens legais, principalmente o novo uniforme Tiger Suit, que é muito fofo quando completo com máscaras de tigre e mochila. Além disso, as recompensas diárias também são muito boas, assim como os eventos que teremos neste patch, tudo saiu de uma forma excelente.

    IGN: TheMonsterKing

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    Acredito que poderiam trazer novas armas de bp, e ajustar as AK's para dar one shot HS, nerfando a velocidade de tiro e recarga.

    O restante dos items achei interessante, apesar de ser por gemas, tem um visual diferenciado. (ja comprei) ajhahhah

    IGN: CorujaBRABO

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    poderia deixar as aks mais balanceada novamente, e tirar um pouco dessas armas novas

    IGN: Spinall_

  • bem tudo perfeito mas acho que a qualidade na questao grafica poderia melhorar das skil as antigas são bem superiores nesse sentido fora isso são lidas amei amei muito tambe as novas armas podria melhora os bug de quando alguem entra na partida trava e vc acaba morendo e ter um servido no brasil o marketing e muito valiosos varios gamer esta evoluindo eo bs ficando cada vez mais pata tras oque adianta coloca novas armas sem jogadores a volta dos coletes tambe serial legal para da equilibrio com as armas bugada

    e volta deixa armas para liberar no pro5 etc

    IGN: Nescau_op

  • https://forum.papayaplay.com/discussion/2729/bs-glb-event-operation-bloody-roar-you-talk-we-listen There was an error displaying this embed.

    Este novo patch trouxe alguns novos itens legais, mais notavelmente o novo uniforme tiger suit que é muito bonito quando completo com máscaras de tigre e mochila. Além disso, como recompensas diárias também são muito boas, assim como os eventos que vamos ter neste patch, saiu tudo de uma forma excelente.

  • What feedback the blackshot team is working so well . We got new weapons for play new uniforms everything is going good and great but i just have a humble request like its pandemic here and i am not able to go outside and play the game so its a request please some free rewards please

    IGN -: xLORD_

  • Guys, what about changing rewards in competitive games? You used to put a variety of weapons and it was interesting, it was interesting to compete in any league for your favorite weapon. And now it has become more boring, because every season is the same. We have over 400 players in competitive games, of which only 10 people can take the black league, I think we need to make a little more places. Because in the season we can not open the league of diamonds or masters, the season ends only in black, platinum and gold. I think it's worth adding one good weapon to each league, that is, the most demanded weapon in the game, that is, the RIFLE. For example, if you look at the golden league like that, they give you a shotgun, but you can say nobody needs this shotgun. Many players would be in favor of you adding more rifles rather than a shotgun. Previously, you gave AK-47 Gold for the Golden League and it was good, because already in the new season the player could play with normal weapons. And now it's hard to start the season with a shotgun or a submachine gun. Increase the number of seats or points earned. For example, so that diamonds start from 1800. Now the league of diamonds and masters has become very rare.


  • Hey,

    grundsätzlich ist das Update diese Season ganz okay, aber ich finde man hätte schon was mehr Liebe ins Detail legen können.

    Rein optisch sind die Season-Waffen nicht so toll gelungen und vor allem die Outfits finde ich absolut nicht schön anzusehen. Letztes Jahr meine ich war doch das Update mit der Ratte, da gab es dann den Character der war echt gut gemacht. Vielleicht wäre es gut gewesen ein richtiges Tiger-Outfit raus zu bringen, da es ja um den Tiger geht.

    Die Granate hätte man auch z.B so gestalten können, dass die Form ein Tigerkopf ist und diese schöne Tigerstreifen hat.

    Die Events diese Season sind ganz gut aber leider wurden die Competitive Belohnungen noch immer nicht angepasst. Ich find es ist recht schwer einen hohen Rang in Competitive zu bekommen. Vielleicht könnte man das die Punkte was anpassen, sodass man vielleicht schon ab 1400 Punkten Platin ist und ab 1600 Punkten dann Diamond und so weiter. Grund dafür wäre halt einfach, dass es viel zu viele Gold Spieler gibt und so gut wie keine Diamond Spieler oder höhere.

    Ein paar Verbesserungsvorschläge:

    • Partner-System zurück bringen
    • Chat muten können, eingeteilt in Global, Team, Clan und Flüsternachrichten (sodass man selber einstellen kann welchen Chat man angezeigt bekommt und welchen nicht) - Mich persönlich stört der Public-Chat im Spiel unnormal
    • 5er Squad in Competitive
    • Waffen, die in der Mailbox sind nicht aktivieren sobald man diese raus nimmt, sondern unused ins Lager packen
    • die alten Goldboxen wieder bringen, mit dem Soundeffekt und der Optik von damals mit den Karten (das war damals immer echt schön anzusehen)

    IGN: sneakY_

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  • Moin,

    Ich find das Update jetzt auch ganz in Ordnung, aber ich musste auch feststellen, dass die Server diese Season echt schon ganz gut laggen.

    Waffen Update: Naja neue cash Waffen, die optisch so naja nicht grade so toll anzusehen sind. Wo bleiben die Gold- Waffen?

    Outfits: Da habt ihr wirklich schon schöneres rausgebracht. Ich musste wirklich lachen als ich die gesehen habe. Wer zum Teufel hatte da keine Lust seinen Job zu machen und einfach irgendwas dahin geklatscht? xD (nur Spaß) Aber jetzt mal im ernst, die Outfits sehen wirklich nicht gut aus. Man hätte mehr auf den Tiger eingehen sollen.

    Events: Schöne Events, leider etwas unübersichtlich. Vielleicht könnte man ein Post machen wo alle Events einmal aufgelistet werden, denn viele werden übersehen und nicht grade wenige Spieler wissen gar nichts von den Events

    Competitive Matchmaking: Es wird immer schlimmer xD

    Muss ich dazu noch was sagen?

    Ich hoffe, dass ihr beim nächsten Update wieder etwas mehr Liebe ins Detail steckt, denn sonst sind die Updates wirklich besser. Dieser war gut gemeint, aber trotzdem ein flop.

    IGN: nastY_

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  • Thank you Vertigo Games for bringing us the first update of the year 2022, i do like the new suit and it kinda reminds me of an old anime i used to watch back when i was young, i also do like the weapon themed tiger as well. However, i would like to give a feedback on this update, mainly the competitive mode. Now the rewards has not been updated and it would be nice to give each season a different weapons and items for each league. Plus, i would also love to see a possibility of replacing the HK45 default pistol with MK23 because i have been looking to see this pistol once again or atleast put it as Gold weapon or to be acquired in the Gacha boxes.

    I hope you can surprises us more with Blackshot, thanks again.

    IGN: iNylex

  • Hi .

    My opinion in this new season is new . as not every season because yesterday was my first day for 3 month , and I thanks you for the new updates in this beautiful game for my bad luck Yesterday .( my first day for 3 month ) i played Vs Farming players form my bad luck . and i will be happy if you had made the competitive squad for 3 or 4 players not just two

    IGN : Hi_My_NamE_Is_K

  • Hello Mercs,

    A huge thank you to all for participating and for sharing your feedback on the latest Operation Bloody Roar update. We promise that all feedback will be taken under consideration for future improvements.

    You will all receive your rewards soon in your loadouts!

    Team BlackShot

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