A good change that would benefit the server in all aspects.

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Hey everyone.

As many of people know, I have been venturing down the path of the FS ships and in game gear and equipments. While yes I am handicapping myself and making myself better as a player while also showing people that it can be done in pvp, this is a suggestion that goes beyond pvp.

As some if not many know, alot of fs battle ships got a small boost to their durability. That was absolutely a move in the right direction for balancing things. Well what about adventurers and traders who are in similar position of say not enough time to gather funds for the high priced ships of the uwc variants. Most games that have pay ships, there is slight variations from the pay ships to the free ships.

Do I say nerf all the uwc ships to where they are not better than fs? No. But how about we normalize the fs and uwc ships to be more comparable to each other. Uwc ships say having max 50 dura more than the fs ships. 30 to 40 total sail power better. A few more armor. Maybe 40 crew more than the fs versions. They still get the better stats, but the fs ships able to be more usable.

In my opinion, as I have been doing heavy pvp in the fs ships and doing just fine, the major selling point the uwc ships have and the way I feel it should be would be their skill sets. I will use the victory as an example. Excellent ship. Fs and uwc versions. But when it comes to the skill set, Pirate Victory keeps it's high value because it's the only version of the victory that gets evade melee battle. That is a huge selling point.

My goal is not anti uwc and never will be. Papaya has to pay the bills and ships sell. But normalizing the differences between the fs and uwc is a must. Closing the bridge between the two ship types will, in my opinion, bring back players and keep players in the game. Let's face it. The people who still play the game are those who can either afford all the prices, or no longer care about what the new ship is and just enjoy the game. Our population is dying though. More and more players are leaving the game and I do feel like normalizing all ships, not just some of them, will greatly impact the server as a whole.

Papaya cant do anything really about how they sell the products. That is something koei controls. But if we can petition to normalize the stats between the fs ships and uwc ships, that is something papaya has the power to change.

If we can stand together as a community and present this kind of idea to the gms, I can really see the future of uwo being amazing and seas full of people of all playstyles.

Safe Sailing,



  • A goos read havok although now there is the new issue facing new players. The ridiculous overpricing on ssip's now beeing seen. Either fs or uwc this is important for papaya to fix. Using more affordable ships like fs does help but if overpriced ssips continue then it will develop into a worse problem 😞.

  • Guess people will have to choose between high priced cts or low priced ssips. Cause uwc conversion was a thing that used to apply to all in the shop. Ssip is something needed and if cts is back to original price of 100 mil, ssip would be back to 10m each and the uwc shop conversion rate would once again apply to all. But that's another topic for another day. Maybe papaya is forcing the community to choose? High cts or fix our economy by starving us of much needed items.

  • You make a good point about closing the gap between ingame and UWC ships and making them better, afterall one of the selling points of UWC ships is lower level requirements and I think should be more than enough.

    I'm not sure how much Papaya actually controls and I don't think anyone really does know except papaya and the GMs and the odd answers or clue they might give in tickets or posts they make.

    For a long time the game from what I seen is become Reseller Simulator for many. What I mean by that is player A sells say a ship for 100k and then player B buys the ship and then instantly sells it for 200k and so on and so on. By the time player z gets it he paid 10 billion for it and is trying to either use it or sells it for 1.1 billion. That for me is pricing people out, it's not just ships though it equipment and parts and whatever else. The other problem is how prices seem to be set just because someone sells something fresh out of a CT for say 500 CTs that then becomes more or less the set standard. I'm not convinced they are just selling them between themselves and then that confirms a price etc. The other thing is how many PC's go un answered, sure I understand people might not know the price fully, but instead of ignoring them maybe after a while maybe just put in chat not know that one but XXXX player might know that one or maybe point them in direction of a discord chat that does price checks.

    Getting back to the main topic now though as I do think the above is also a factor of the topic, there are many people that are turned off from battle not just because of UWC ships or the FS ships but simply (Well at least it is for me) Do not understand the full process of ship building, I do suffer from dyslexia so that perhaps is one reason behind it.

    I think in general people should perhaps try play more of the game instead of just focusing on battle stuffs all the time. Don't get me wrong you play the game your way, but if people did more of the ingame stuffs rather than just buying what they need out of Seville then maybe things would get a bit better. As for UWC ships and FS ships in battle thats your department.

  • Hey, DontTouchMe here.

    I think all of you are right... I have been thinking of some game's mechanics that should/could change and make game better for all type of players and increase the fun that someone can have. UWC things (including most of UWC things and ships) have to get balanced in my opinion, free to play players cannot afford most and pay to play players get huge advantage although the game is not p2w, (if you nanban non stop u can achieve transfering ducats to CTs and CTs to ships or other stuff ) but still... if you focus on nanban non stop, you lose what game can offer you, you don't do new things to have fun and learn... because since the game is based in real life just some ages before... at least for the most places etc. i learnt already a lot of things...

    What i try to say up there is that if Papaya manage to balance the UWC things with the FS or ingame things (idk if i can call all ingame things "FS") game will become alot better, new players come every week and some return to see if game is better, worse or just to play a bit for having fun... let's don't let them go away once more. We have a great community and it's not a <<Small>> community now... it is getting bigger and bigger every day, let's keep growing it and have fun all :).

    Please Forgive my awful English... it's not my native language and i hope you can understand what i wanna say out of this without having trouble with some words that i may wrote wrong or understand something else than what i wanted you to understand :)

    Safe Sailing to all of us :P

    DontTouchMe AKA (DTM)

  • Gotta tip my hat off to both Havok and Samantha for making threads that talk about and work towards fixing the game issues with different approaches to cost, with havoks fs work and sams low tier ships. I don't play often but I am really turn off by the high prices of stuff in game and usually would rather just stream shows and drink beer than play sometimes lol. Adventure seems like the best route to go, cheapest. Trading seems like you need to invest alot just to have the setup to do trading properly lol. Maritime, looks like fun against others but it seems the most of a money race looking at the prices on merchant chat. So thanks for doing this and I hope you guys can make the game better for those of us who just play casually.

    Cheers mates! 🍺

  • FINALLY captain tickets are slowly dropping in value. I actually saw people selling as low as 1b.

    Keep this going people, let's get them BELOW 500m again!!!

  • I lost interest playing the game due to Pay to win gameplay. If the game was balance as havok said above. People might come back (Old players) and play again and spend cash for their characters.

  • I had a massive let down today and forgot about it from the past plays which is probably why I quit last time - - - - - The dumb LVL caps which instantly kill the fun for most players and explains why the player base is so low.

    There should be no LVL caps at all and it is a big reason why the game is low in players, the other is the cash grab factor which is bad now, in all these years I have seen very little for the non spenders but tons for the spenders, its a recipe that never works

    The game should have 1000's of players but with this layout it will always be in the maybe 100 area

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