[BS-GLB EVENT] Operation Sirens Serenade: You Talk, We listen

Hello Mercs,

The voice of the sirens echoes throughout the battlefield, now it’s time for you to get your voices heard too! We’re all ears to any new ideas, areas of improvement or general feedback you might have on Operation Sirens Serenade, so get talking! 

Update Info:



From 28 July to 24 August, submit your feedback of the latest update on this forum post.

All constructive feedback will be taken into consideration and you’ll be rewarded. Exceptional feedback received will be specially rewarded.


Abusive behaviour it is grounds for disqualification.


Top Feedback: M24 Wild Sea+ 7D & Selfie Stick Lightsaber+ 7D

All Constructive Feedback: NERF Super Squirter+ 3D

Team BlackShot


  • OPERATION - SIRENS SERENADE brought with it new outfits and weapons as well as new callsign, new and interesting events with the official team and interesting mission methods with great rewards, we will certainly be stronger on the battlefield, the exp and gold boost is in good maps.

    For an upcoming update it would be notable the addition or implementation of the previous weapon mastery system as well as the partnership system.

    IGN: unFollow

  • We all need a balanced game, bring more BP weapons, and balance again the actual +GEM weapons, reducing the accuracy and damage.

    For example: snipers 1 shot even with BP.

    AK's 47: one hit on head kills.

    Knifes: one hit kills with all knifes.

    We are here to think about the game and play together.

    Thanks for your attention.

    IGN: corujabrabo1


  • To be honest. We talk every season but you never listen. This game is in hands of a money wolf who doesn’t give a single shit about the community. They will never make it like the old blackshot anymore, game is slowly dying. Give it 2 more years and no one will play thus game anymore.

  • I had been leave blackshot for thw long time and now i comeback to play it againn...its because of the event that gm make but i see that bp weapon not op like before and it cant compete with premium weapon..that make me feel so sad because i cant afford to buy them hm

  • I have been playing blackshot for so long and I like this game a lot, I would like you to make an FPS setting, it seems very good to me. This game is becoming more and more popular, so the FPS setting is perfect for gamers. #TeamBlackshot.


  • Change competitive prizes.

    Nx1 should be given to the higher 3 ranks (mster, grandmaster, the black) you should spare differents item by ranking cause thats just a copy paste changing the days. Then bring back armors to counter all the sniper rifle you're giving away.

  • As armas novas são ótimas. Uma coisa que não estou a gostar muito é o damage/range das shotguns, estão um abuso! De resto está tudo bom.

    IGN: Papanoobs

  • Please rectify the ping different from all over the globe.

    And the game has some issue like everyone mentioned. If BP weapon don't equally bring the power then in 2 years all the players will reduce here.

    And not even a single sniper in BP is good to buy.completly waste of delayed snipers.please rectify

  • We ask you, in the next update, to add Season Missions, as long as they are in-game, for example: Mission 1: Play 200 minutes at the meeting point. Rewards: Mission 1: Glock21 Dual White + 7D How about creating in-game missions With each update it tells you the missions of each season: how many minutes have you completed and how many minutes are left? This would greatly affect the increase in the number of players, especially those who are ignorant of reading English, finally :thank you to all.

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