hi GM's


May I know, is that possible to get my old ID back from PapayaPlay?. I didn't play this game for a long time. Now it's transfer to Blackshot SEA. I don't know to contact the GM's privately. I have no idea how to do that. when I go to the "link" and click. It's gonna appear the expired pages. Please, help me. Appreciate much.

IGN : Harumichi

Email : whiteduster@ymail.com


  • Hello,

    Your old ID from PapayaPlay is still accessible now, BlackShot SEA is currently still published by Vertigo Games/PapayaPlay.

    Hence you will not need to migrate your PapayaPlay account anywhere, you just need to login or press the "Forgot Password" option if you forgot your password.

    Hope this helps!

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